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Mooir Vannin

The Isle of Man’s first offshore wind farm

About the project

Ørsted is proposing to develop the Isle of Man’s first wind farm offshore – the Mooir Vannin project. 

The name Mooir Vannin comes from the Manx language term for the Irish Sea – and literally translates as the ‘sea of the Isle of Man’. This is fitting as we bring forward these plans for the first large scale development in the Isle of Man’s territorial waters, off the coast of Maughold Head. The project will help support the Isle of Man’s ambitious renewable energy, net zero and economic growth targets.

Maughold, Isle of Man

Since Ørsted and the Isle of Man Government signed an Agreement for Lease at the end of 2015, environmental and technical studies of the area have been underway to determine the scope and scale of the project. 

The next stage is to begin the process to gain planning consent. This process begins with the publication of our Environmental Impact Scoping Report, which can be found on our website. 

Visit our Document Library to download the Scoping Report

Following extensive assessment of impacts and consultation throughout 2024, we intend to submit our application for planning consent to the Isle of Man Government in early 2025.

Map showing the location of the proposed Mooir Vannin Offshore Wind Farm



Facts about the project

Image of the Isle of Man coastline
Name: Mooir Vannin
Location: The wind farm will be located in the Irish Sea, within the Isle of Man’s territorial seas, approximately 6-12 nautical miles off the east coast of the Island. 
Capacity: In the region of 1.4 GW
Target to submit planning application: 
Spring 2025
Anticipated operational start date:  between 2030-2032

Latest news and updates

We have now published our Scoping Report. This document sets out how we intend to assess the potential environmental effects of developing an offshore wind farm in this location and will be used to help ensure that any potential impacts are properly considered and mitigated where possible.

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Scoping Report

Project timeline

Image displaying the Mooir Vannin project timeline to operation (2030-2032)

Community engagement

Whilst we are working with the Isle of Man Government and many other stakeholders on our early proposals for the Mooir Vannin Offshore Wind Farm, we are also eager to engage with the whole community. 

Community engagement is a vital part of our development process. We want to hear your views and work together as we develop our plans responsibly and in a manner that will support local interests. This is the way we will secure all the benefits the green global energy transition could bring here in the Isle of Man. We will be seeking feedback to help develop our proposals on matters including the environmental, social and economic impacts of the project.

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We will be holding a series of community information events in November 2023 to ensure that all views can be considered early in the planning process. A schedule of these events can be found below. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

From 2.30pm to 7.00pm on the following dates


Monday 20th November

Laxey - The Laxey Glen Pavilion, The Laxey Glen, Laxey IM4 7BE

Tuesday 21st November

Ramsey - Milntown House, Lezayre Road, Ramsey IM7 2AB

Wednesday 22nd November

Peel - Kelvin Dawson Community Hub, Peel Football Club, Douglas Road, Peel IM5 1LJ

Thursday 23rd November

Port Erin - Erin Arts Centre, Victoria Square, Port Erin IM9 6LD

Saturday 25th November

Douglas - Promenade Suite, Villa Marina, Harris Promenade, Douglas IM1 2HP

As our plans are refined in the coming months, we will continue to engage and hold additional community consultations. We will share more detailed designs and layouts for the Mooir Vannin Offshore Wind Farm at future events, before applying for planning consent from the Isle of Man Government. 

We want to make sure we design and develop an offshore wind farm in the Island, from the Island, for the Island.

Download the Community Information Booklet here

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